to-go ware stainless steel tiffin 2 tier

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2-tier stainless steel tiffin. tiffins come from a lunch to-go system found in India and many other countries. the container has 2 separate sections, one of which could contain rice, the other the sauce/food so that the food can be eaten separately or can be mixed at the time of the meal so that the rice doesn’t become soggy or soak up all of the sauce.

the lid of the tiffin has a handle to carry the tiffin and to help protect your hand from the heat of the food in the container. this handle collapses allowing the lid to be flipped upside down and can be used as a plate. the collapsible handle also allows for easy storage so that other containers can be stacked on top.

if you don’t need both containers, the top tier container can be carried / used on its own.

besides taking the container for lunch on the go, it can also be used in place of disposable takeout containers when picking up food or as a doggy bag to take leftover food to go.


cleaning:  handwash or dishwasher safe


assembled: 5 1/2" H x 6” D (6 3/4" D, including latches) 
top unit height: 2 1/2"
bottom unit height:  2 3/4” 
liquid measurements: 4 3/4 cups, each unit