soil, bottle drying rack made out of diatomaceous earth

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made from highly-absorbent keisodo (diatomaceous earth), this drying board has knobs to dry bottles and caps separately.
perfect for drying your reusable bottles. this drying rack has two different protruding parts, allowing you to dry different pieces of your bottle at once.
  • 3" w x 9" l
  • keisodo (diatomaceous soil)
  • 11.4 oz
  • rinse quickly with water and dry.
  • for stains, use a soft brush to rinse, or treat with light bleach and rinse.
  • for a decrease in absorbance, a quick rub with sandpaper will restore it to its original state.
  • ishikawa, japan
breezy, moisture-retaining, and absorbent
the exceptional absorbency, moisture-retaining properties, and breathability of natural soil—the bounty of nature is effortlessly condensed in pleasantly organic designs that are gentle on your skin and easy on the environment.
soil uses special plastering techniques to fashion keisodo (diatomaceous earth) into functional products that breathe as naturally as the earth. keisodo, frequently used as a wall plaster, has the ability to regulate humidity. by retaining just the right amount of moisture, containers made of keisodo are able to preserve both the freshness and juiciness of garlic and ginger, and the coarse dryness of salt.
the porous quality of keisodo allows it to absorb moisture instantly. soil offers a variety of products that take advantage of the characteristic lightness, thinness, and durability of keisodo. the “bath mat light,” for example, is so absorbent it literally clings to the feet.
keisodo (diatomaceous soil)
keisodo is taken from the layer composed of plankton and other plant matter that accumulates on the bottom of seas and lakes. its interior is composed of many fine, micrometer-sized (10-6m) pores, giving it excellent moisture-retaining and absorbent properties. keisodo also naturally reduces odor and regulates humidity.