foraged flavor, by tama matsuoka wong and eddy leroux

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finding fabulous ingredients in your backyard or farmer's market, with 88 recipes: a cookbook

foreword by daniel boulud

about foraged flavor

forage for wild food and discover delicious edible plants growing everywhere—including your backyard—and how best to prepare them to highlight their unique flavors, with this seasonally organized field guide and cookbook.

while others have identified in the past which wild plants are edible, tama matsuoka wong, the forager for daniel, the flagship restaurant of renowned chef daniel boulud, and eddy leroux, its chef de cuisine, go two steps further, setting the bar much higher. first, they have carefully selected only the wild plants that are worth seeking out for their fabulous flavors. second, after much taste-testing, they have figured out the best way to prepare each ingredient—a key in getting to know these exciting new foods. in foraged flavor, they reveal their seventy-one favorite plants, which are easy to identify and can be harvested sustainably across the country (including at farmers’ markets for those without access to nearby fields and forests). tama helps readers uncover bright lemony oxalis growing in patches of their lawn or creeping jenny, with its unmistakable leaves and delicate green-pea flavor. eddy then gives simple recipes to showcase the foraged finds, including cardamine cress with fennel and orange vinaigrette; braised beef, dandelion leaves, and clear noodles; and purslane eggplant caponata.

with twenty-five botanical illustrations, fifty color photographs of the plants, and tons of field- and kitchen-tested know-how, foraged flavor will be an indispensable guide for cooking enthusiasts.