modern sprout eco planter herb kit, mint

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The Eco Planter is great for indoor gardening, its clean design looks beautiful in any kitchen and the simple-to-follow instructions take all the uncertainty out of gardening!

The kit includes everything you need to start growing herbs in the nearest window sill or beneath a grow light: Certified Organic Seeds, 1L Glass Jar, Stainless Steel Net Pot, Recycled Glass Growing Medium, Coco Pith Disk, Wick, Plant Food, and Instruction Manual. 

All you have to do is follow the instructions to plant your seeds and the Eco Planter does the rest. With a wick-system to water the seeds, you should sprouts within 7-14 days and be ready to harvest in 2 months! With a passive hydroponic system, your herbs will get the perfect balance of air, water, and nutrients, so you can grow fresh herbs anywhere. 

Harvest fresh herbs to use for cooking or dry them to save for later and make your own tea blends from scratch. The possibilities are endless, so grab up an Eco Planter today and get your favorite herbs fresh from your window sill.

Assembled in the USA with imported materials.