modern sprout bamboo grow kit, aloe

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all-inclusive aloe indoor grow kit is packaged in a bamboo planter and features self-watering system that provides plants with the perfect balance of water, nutrients and oxygen.


includes aloe seeds.


perfect for budding plant parents - a must have for city dwellers looking to grow their indoor oasis through aloe's natural air purifying and healing properties.


grow kits are assembled in chicago of domestic and imported components.



3 7/8" h x 4 3/4" d

assembled in the usa of domestic and imported components.



  • aloe seeds
  • bamboo planter in stone
  • soilless grow medium
  • tray
  • wick
  • plant food
  • activated carbon
  • instruction manual


how long does it take to grow?

aloe seeds take 14-28 days to sprout.

how much sun will it need?

aloe thrives in temps between 72°-76°f and with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight (an unobstructed south or west-facing window is best). starting in mar-sept will provide longer days and thus optimal light. if starting during cooler months, it’s recommended that you supplement natural light with a grow light (fluorescent or led).

can i put it outside?

this grow kit is designed to grow a small aloe succulent; however, you can transplant the plant into a pot or the ground for a larger and more robust plant. transplant outside into a location with full sun after the threat of frost has passed, and sprouts are at least 2” tall. harden off plant for 5-7 days by placing it outdoors in partial sun during the day, and bringing it indoors at night.