charcoal, 1/4 pound bag

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this charcoal, from the kishu region of japan, is made following a 1,000 year old tradition using white oak. charcoal has a variety of uses (adsorbing toxins and scents, reducing magnetic waves, etc.) and is an excellent water filter.

place the charcoal pieces directly in a container of water to purify it. many commercial water filters are charcoal based but housed in excess plastic packaging. less bulky, more economic, and better for the environment than standard water filters!

each stick of charcoal is reusable and should last at least 3 months, although most of our staff have found that our charcoal pieces have lasted at least twice, if not four times as long. the company recommends cleansing the charcoal once a month by placing it in boiling water. this will remove the adsorbed (not absorbed) impurities. the charcoal stick will be more effective again after this process.

when you are all finished with the charcoal, you can break it and up and throw it in your backyard, garden, or compost. It will degrade naturally.

1/4 pound bag of charcoal.

adsorb: verb - (of a solid) hold (molecules of a gas or liquid or solute) as a thin film on the outside surface or on internal surfaces within the material.