Lifefactory 22oz replacement bottle

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many people prefer drinking from glass and Lifefactory has one of the best glass drinking bottles on the market. this is a replacement glass body for the 22oz bottles.

perfect for water, juice etc. the wide mouth makes it easy to put ice or fruit in your water (and easy to clean). i like to put lemon, cucumber or mint leaves in the water, especially in the summer, it’s a refreshing change from plain water. i’ve also used mine for warm(not boiling) water and as long as i hold it carefully, i have used it for tea in the morning.

while glass allows you to see your drink and may be more pleasurable to drink from, most new buyers hesitate to buy because of the potential for breakage. the silicon sleeve would help to absorb any impact but there is always a possibility of damage. in practice we’ve been very happy with the durability of the bottle. we’ve dropped our bottles many, many times without a problem.

 care: these bottles are dishwasher safe. extreme changes of temperature can break the glass. do not freeze or boil the bottles.