insulated stainless steel round food container, 16oz - pink

insulated stainless steel round food container, 16oz - pink

$ 34.99

These insulated containers are great at keeping food hot or cold. Enjoy a breakfast of yogurt and granola or cereal, milk, and berries that will stay chilled for up to 7 hours or a hot lunch of leftovers, soup, or chili for up to 5 hours. 16 oz is the perfect size for a satisfying meal. While parts of the container are plastic, all of the pieces that touch your food are food grade stainless steel. The silicone inlay in the top makes the container leak-proof, so no need to worry about any spills, as long as it's sealed properly. The plastic and stainless steel exterior and stainless steel interior are very easy to clean. One of the benefits of the LunchBots 16oz insulated container, and why it's so popular with our customers, is it's shorter and wider design, making it more bowl-like and less jar-like than most insulated containers.

From the manufacturer:

Use: "For best results with hot foods, pre-fill the container with boiling water and allow to sit for 1-2 minutes. Carefully discard water, then fill with hot food of your choice. Keeps meals hot for 4-5 hours."

Care: "Handwash your LunchBots Insulated Thermal. Periodically remove and clean the silicone seal. Do not over-tighten."

Specs: 3.5" h x 4.5" w; 16 fl oz (500 ml); weighs 13 oz; 18/8 stainless steel.

Images from manufacturer's website.