u-konserve ice pack - navy

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a key element to a well packed meal is keeping it cool and fresh and the U-Konserve ice-pack is an excellent way to do just that. the ice pack consists of two parts: a non-toxic and safe gel pack, and a cover made from recycled plastic bottles which seals easily with velcro. keep the duo together and in the freezer, ready for a grocery trip, a child’s bumped head or your lunch! the cover for the ice-pack ensures that while your lunch is being kept cool, it isn’t getting wet, which can happen with other types of ice-packs. the look of the ice-pack is stylish, yet is obviously very durable. if you need to give it a wash, the gel-pack is easy to rinse off and wipe down, and the cover is machine washable. pair it with the U Konserve Insulated Lunch sack to keep your lunch cool for longer!

BPA, phthalate, and lead free.