u-konserve 13oz slate glass container

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this U Konserve container is made from tempered glass and has a silicone sleeve that covers it entirely and has a totally leak proof lid. they are great for bringing lunch and holding leftovers. the silicone used is totally BPA free and acts as a bumper in case of any fumbles, and protects your hands from the glass when the container is hot. it can be used for all of your food needs including: freezer items, baking or cooking in the oven as well as the microwave. they come in two different sizes a (13oz and a 36 oz), the containers nest perfectly into one another, so you don’t have to worry about them taking up too much space in your kitchen cupboards and drawers!

this container is dishwasher safe (top rack recommended). remove lid before placing in hot oven or microwave. as with any glass product or hot surface, please use common sense when heating, storing and handling. as with other glass products, avoid extreme temperature changes (freezer to oven, for example) that will crack the glass. handle with care when using as bakeware. the silicone sleeve adds protection, but does not guarantee against breakage.