graf lantz bierfilzl square multi color felt coaster, electric, set of 4

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these coasters are handmade from imported german merino wool felt. manufactured in california, these simple, casual, and colorful pieces fit any setting. unlike your standard coaster, the thick and durable wool felt absorbs the condensation created by your cold drinks! never again will your cold beverages stick to the coaster or drip everywhere. coasters in bavaria are traditionally wool felt, so the use of this material adds historical character and a certain aesthetic appeal as they serve as a beautiful and functional part of your home.

from the manufacturer:
"up to the late 19th century coasters made of wool felt were used in taverns across bavaria. they not only soaked up any moisture but were also used to cover the glass while sitting in a beer garden on a beautiful summer day to keep out falling leaves and unwanted flying guests.

the invention of less expensive coasters made of paper around 1880 marked the end of felt coasters. nevertheless, to this day bavarians call coasters of all kinds "bierfilzl" (beer felt).

in keeping with the old tradition we've recreated our bierfilzl in thick, natural wool felt from germany. They are handsome, sturdy, and durable, and sure to protect your surfaces with timeless style."

set of 4 coasters
mix of 4 colors
5mm thick merino wool felt
each coaster 4x4"
made in USA