lanacare merino organic wool shoe insole, children's sizes

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keep your feet warm & dry with these soft & soothing organic woolen insoles.  slip them in your shoes/boots and you'll feel like you're walking on a cloud!
    made of kbt-certified organic merino wool, by lanacare.
    they absorb moisture and keep shoes odor-free, naturally.
    insulate from cold and dampness, to keep feet warm & dry.
    silicon non-skid strip keeps insoles in place inside shoes/boots.
natural lanolin content of wool provides self-cleansing properties.  as wool absorbs moisture & dries, lanolin cleanses away bacteria and odors.  at end of day, if insoles feel damp, remove from shoes & place on top of them to air-dry.
insoles may feel thick when first placed inside shoes or boots, but will flatten & form to feet after 1-2 days.
especially perfect for inside rubber boots, but great with any boot or shoe!

sizing chart (only lists sizes we have in stock)

European            Girl/Toddler     Boy       
27                           10               x             
28                           11               x             
29                           12               11          
32                           2                 13½       
33                           3                 1             
34                           3½              2             
35                           4                 3