built new york black gourmet togo lunch bag

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some of my priorities when looking for a lunch bag are that (1) the bag securely closes, (2) stretches to fit extra food and (3) is easy to clean.
built new york’s lunch bags are made out of neoprene (the material used in wetsuits). this material is stretchy, can be put in the washing machine and dries quickly and even helps to insulate your food.
the bags are roomy enough to fit a thermos, and 2-3 other small to mid-size food containers along with utensils and a napkin. even if the containers are a bit too big or stick out at the wrong angles, the stretchiness of neoprene helps to fit everything inside so I can securely zip up the bag and take it to go.
these bags will help keep things hot or cold inside although I’m typically packing a mix of hot, cold and room temperature items which cuts down on any insulating benefits. however I do find that if I’m going to a BYOB restaurant, or out on a picnic, that zipping up some cold wine or bottles of beer along with an icepack will really help to keep your beverages cold.
tt’s even an easy bag to store when my kids aren’t in school. the lunch bags lie flat so I fold them in half and store them at the bottom of our napkin drawer until they are ready to use again.

care instructions. as mentioned earlier one of the benefits of the neoprene in these bags is that you can throw them right into the washing machine (cold wash) and they’ll drip dry a few hours later. even after a week of my kids using their lunch bags, a simple wash will clean them right up to look almost like new again.

tested for lead safety and phthalates - pvc and bpa-free.

w 6.75" x h 13.2".