black + blum activated charcoal water filter

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Filter your tap water naturally with binchotan charcoal. It removes contaminants and leaves your water tasting clear, pure and delicious. Sustainably sourced and produced in Laos following traditional Japanese methods, it’s made from the branches of fast-growing native trees harvested from protected woodlands to ensure minimal impact on the local environment. A fantastic way to avoid single-use bottled water and save money, Active Charcoal Water Filters make it easy to stay hydrated all day.


    Removes impurities like chlorine

    Adds minerals like potassium

    Each stick lasts for 6 months


x2 Binchotan active charcoal filters (6 months life each)

Vacuum foil packed individually, pre-washed and ready to use immediately

Please take care when dropping into glass bottles and jugs. Charcoal is incredibly dense and could cause the glass to crack, only add after filling with water.

Made from natural, sustainably-sourced wood therefore dimensions vary (0.59 to 1.0in diameter, maximum length 4.6in)