wool dryer balls - natural color

wool dryer balls - natural color

$ 22.00

save money and help the environment by reducing the amount of time you need to dry your laundry with these 100% wool dryer balls. skip using chemical fabric softeners that can irritate sensitive skin.

place them with your laundry in the dryer and run your dryer as usual. they should reduce drying time by 25 to 50%. the more balls in the dryer, the more effective they will be. they can be kept in the dryer between loads.

dryer balls reduce drying time by getting in between wet laundry, separating the pieces to allow the hot air to more quickly and effectively get to each piece of laundry. plastic dryer balls will do this too but the wool balls are more quiet in the dryer and won’t give off a plastic smell.

  • 9” circumference, approximately the size of a tennis ball
  • some natural pilling may occur over time