cedarcide original family-safe bug spray for people + pets + home, 1 oz

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finally, a bug spray that’s safe for your family, pets, and home.

kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, & mites

family & pet-friendly

safe for clothing, gear, carpeting, furniture & more



what is cedarcide original?

cedarcide original is a family-safe, plant-based bug spray for use on people, pets, and all throughout your home.

cedarcide original protects you, your family, pets and home from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants and mites.


how to use cedarcide original

for adults: spray directly on skin, clothing, and gear, avoiding your eyes and mouth. use hands to apply to your face. apply as needed or every 4-6 hours. reapply after swimming or getting wet.

for children: adults should use hands to apply to children. apply sparingly, avoiding eyes, mouth, and hands.

for dogs & horses:  lightly mist coat or apply with hands. massage into coat. cover legs, underbelly, around ears and tail. use hands to apply to face, avoiding eyes and mouth. apply as needed or every 5-7 days.

for cats:  apply sparingly using hands or the cedarcide feat + tick brush. if sensitivity occurs, discontinue use and bathe.

indoor use:  use on doorways, window frames, pet areas, carpeting, furniture, and other indoor spaces. lightly mist or apply using a cloth. do not use in food preparation areas. when spraying furniture or clothing, test on a small area first. exercise caution, floors and other surfaces may become slick. apply as needed to kill and repel bugs, or weekly for prevention. to clean, use soap and water.


cedarcide original vs. tickshield

cedarcide original and tickshield are both family-safe bug sprays for personal, pet, and indoor use.

tickshield is simply an extra strength version of cedarcide original, containing 20% cedarwood oil compared to cedarcide original’s 10%. because of its stronger scent, we suggest consulting a veterinarian before using tickshield on animals under 20 lbs.


product ingredients

cedarwood oil

kills and repels insects & other bugs.

100% pure, our texas cedarwood oil is sourced from trees that have never been treated with pesticides or other toxic ingredients.


food grade diatomaceous earth

promotes skin health.

*originates from organic matter


isopropyl myristate

prevents our formulas from feeling “greasy”.



helps maintain our formula’s moisture content.

sourced from non-gmo, fully-refined vegetable oils.


mineral oil

carrier oil, helps to safely deliver our active ingredients (essential oils) to skin and pets.

sourced from highly refined mineral oil to remove impurities and possible allergens.


hydrated silica

stabilizes and gives our formulas their desired consistency.

sourced from silica (silicon dioxide), a common, naturally-occurring compound.


soybean oil

kills and repels pests, carrier oil.

sourced from highly refined organic, non-gmo soybean oil to remove impurities and possible allergens.