peppermint tea tree all-natural organic soap by sapon soaps

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this peppermint tea tree soap specifically highlights oils high in linoleic acid, which can be helpful for congested skin. peppermint is cooling and refreshing, tea tree is anti-bacterial and clarifying, together they make a fresh, invigorating bar of soap great for the whole body!

saponified oils,(*olive, *coconut,*babassu, *sustainable palm, *pumpkin seed, *shea butter, *castor) essential oils ( *peppermint, *tea tree, *spearmint, *japanese peppermint, copaiba), *spearmint & *peppermint leaves, kaolin, rosemary extract.


approximately 5 oz bar
handmade in small batches in nj
we use the cold process method and let our soaps cure for a minimum of five weeks.