u-konserve food kozy wrap - clear ocean (2-pack)

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these reusable u-konserve sandwich wraps are an amazing alternative to plastic baggies, plastic wrap and foil. we love using them to wrap sweet treats but they can be used for just about anything! besides sandwiches, use them for bagels and cream cheese, meat and cheese slices, sliced fruits or whatever you want to wrap up and take with you throughout your day. perfect for travel but also perfect for use at home! Wrap up leftovers and veggies in snap; wherever you use plastic wrap or foil you can use these. easy to clean - just a quick wipe down, rinse or wash in the sink and you're done. let them air dry and in minutes they are ready to be used again. the fun colors and designs make them great for small kids and adult kids alike :)

BPA, phthalate, and lead free.

13.5" round