water bottles for school

many schools are recommending students bring a water bottle each day to cut down on the usage of shared water fountains.

hydroflask insulated 18oz 24oz 32oz and 40oz water bottles

grades 4 through high school – cold or hot drinks

we recommend the hydro flask double wall stainless steel line of insulated water bottles which keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. typically 18oz or 24oz bottles provide enough liquid for the school day although if more hydration is needed especially with after school sports we have 32oz and 40oz bottles.

hydroflask 12oz and 16oz insulated water bottles

hydroflask also provides 12 and 16oz insulated bottles with flip tops that are better for hot liquids in case you want to send tea or hot chocolate with your students on cold mornings.

klean kanteen 18oz and 27oz stainless steel water bottles

room temperature drinks

we carry the klean kanteen line of non-insulated, single-wall water bottles. they too are all stainless steel bottles but are less expensive since they only have one layer of stainless steel.

thermos 10oz insulated water bottles with a silicon straw

grades 3 and earlier

we carry the thermos line of 12oz stainless steel double walled insulated bottles with an easy to open silicon straw and will keep liquids cold for up to 12 hours.